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Up your game

Up your game

As a salon owner you can sometimes feel you’re alone; it can be a lonely place on top.

Does this sound familiar? 

Perhaps you lack motivation or you’ve lost focus or even the passion you once had.  The industry has evolved and it’s easy to feel left behind. As a successful salon owner with over 19 years of experience, I have had my share of obstacles and, yes, doubts.  But, now’s not the time to throw in the towel.

Ask yourself the following:

1. Are you happy with the current status of your salon?


2. Do you stand out from your competitors?


3. Do you have clear growth business goals?


4. What does your brand say about you and your team?


5. Are you ready to move to the next level?


6. Do you ever think about an “exit plan”?


You’ve taken the first step by acknowledging you need to shift gears.


And here’s the key – with success comes challenges. I can help you recharge your batteries by helping you re-imagine new goals and, most importantly, believe in yourself and your business. 

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