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What happens in the Five Star Program?

In the Five Star Program, we hyper-focus on your guests' experience--from the moment they make an appointment to the time they leave your salon.

Your salon’s future is dependent on repeat business. Remember, guest retention is easier than acquisition. 


So where do you need help? 


  1. Branding - a strong brand is your most valuable asset. It sets you apart from others

  2. Welcome - first impressions can make or break a salon

  3. Consultation - where the experience begins and trust is established

  4. Experience - professionalism from the shampoo basin to the stylist's chair

  5. Retention - is easier than acquisition! Instill in your clients the desire and need to come back

    5+ Follow-up – guest contact after the salon experience shows you value them.

Invest in your success! Level up your salon's service with the Five Star Program.

Schedule your 30-minute complimentary discovery call with us, during which we can delve into your coaching program needs.

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