5 star program

Empowering your team to deliver the ultimate guest experience.

Do you want to elevate your guests’ experience?  This 5 Star Program will put your team

in the shoes of your guests and help reveal the real guest experience through their eyes 

As owners and stylists, we work hard on developing a loyal guest. We’ve all been there when someone who has been a regular guest, suddenly is no longer making appointments. Why? Was it the service, the price, the salon experience? We know this is a very competitive industry but it’s also very rewarding. The 5 Star Program will open the door to these opportunities.


In three hours, the 5 Star Program will empower you with the knowledge, tools and strategy that will take your salon to the next level of performance and productivity – with a happier team and an invested clientele.


Each step breaks down the stages you and your guests experience, from the moment they make their appointment to the time they leave your salon and confirm their next visit.

Your salon’s future is dependent on repeat business. Remember, guest retention is easier than acquisition. 


So where do you need help? 


1. Branding - a strong brand is your most valuable asset. It sets you apart from others.

2. Welcome - first impressions can make or break a salon.

3. Consultation - where the experience begins and trust is established.

4. Experience - professionalism from the shampoo basin to the stylist's chair.

5. Retention - is easier than acquisition. Instill in your clients the desire and need to come back.

5+ Follow up  – guest contact after the salon experience shows you value them.

Invest in your success and book this 5 Star Program now.