What Does Pivoting Mean For Your Business?

It’s been almost six months since we were all quarantined and now, fortunately, we’ve been able to open our doors. But there is no question that many of us we have taken a huge hit on our businesses. The future is still unknown – but our sector is not any different than others. Many have had to find ways to reinvent and pivot from their original business plans.

For some, it has meant closing their doors, while others have faced down-sizing and renegotiating their leases. Salons visits are down and operating costs are up, all in keeping and ensuring we follow and maintain the guidelines provided by our healthcare professionals.

As an industry we have always followed the strictest levels of health and safety, which goes hand-in-hand with ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff and clients. We are committed to helping flatten the curve – but we know this pandemic is far from over.

We are all facing economic hardships.

As leaders in the salon industry, what business strategies have you investigated to help inject more financial capital to your bottom-line and to your staff?

· Have you considered e-commerce capabilities and if so, what have you investigated?

· Has anyone applied to Digital Main Street, which is helping main street businesses thrive through the adoption of digital tools and technology? If so, what was your experience?

· How have you changed the operation of your salon – hours, shifting services etc.?

· What are some of the comments your clients have shared?

Most importantly, as leaders how are you helping your team working at your salon?

How are your stylists and staff dealing with COVID-19 and maintaining the various safety precautions, like wearing masks etc.? And how are you helping them?

Together, let’s share what we learn.

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