Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Random inspections as businesses re-open.

On Wednesday, June 22nd, two days after the provincial government announced Toronto salons were allowed to re-open, we opened our doors.

But our re-opening was very much a measured approach.

During our closure for COVID-19, we took this time to plan out what our salon would be like once we were given the green light. There was no question, the salon environment we left in March wouldn’t be the same.

Following the guidelines from our health officials, we worked to ensure we went above and beyond the recommended policies and procedures. We wanted to make sure our team and clients felt safe and comfortable once they walked into our salon.

We consider Calia Hair a family, and as in any family unit, keeping the lines of communication open was paramount to our re-opening strategy. We understood the fear of the unknown was something we needed to manage. This meant keeping our team and clients informed with emails of well-being and also letting them know what they would expect and experience once we re-opened.

Together, we would do our part to flatten the curve.

Today, both my wife Luisa and I share the responsibility of ensuring our salon, alongside our talented stylists, adhere to the high standards of safety we have always set and continue to do so on a daily basis.

Although we have only been open for a few weeks, we have noticed many new clients coming through our doors. It’s encouraging to know many referrals were made by our existing clientele, and we would like to thank you for recommending us to your friends. Your validation and word-of-mouth experiences speak volumes.

Health inspectors make routine visits.

With the phase two re-opening in Toronto, which included most service industries, Doug Ford announced there would be an increase of approximately 75 new health inspectors conducting field visits.

Last week, three weeks after opening, a man made his way into the salon as one of our clients was leaving.

One of our protocols is to lock our front door to control any walk-in traffic and to greet our clients only at their confirmed appointment time. However, this person slipped in before we were able to lock the door. Luisa immediately intervened and asked the man, “Do you have an appointment with us today?” He said no.

Luisa then asked him to kindly exit the salon and she would discuss his inquiry outside. Luisa explained that we are not allowing unknown guests in our salon unless they have an appointment. The man said he was shocked that she had asked him to exit the salon before he could even explain or introduce himself.

As it turned out, he was a health inspector making his rounds to all the salons in our area. He was impressed on how quickly he was ushered out of the salon and indicated that if this is how strict we are just upon arrival, he was sure we had all the protocols in place.

Our new reality, COVID-19, is not leaving us anytime soon.

We are happy to know that the health inspectors are conducting these impromptu visits – as a measure to keeping us all safe.

It is, after all, our social responsibility to not only keep ourselves safe but those around us – our friends, family members, even that person walking by or the cashier at the grocery store.

Together we can make a difference that will positively impact our communities. So, be mindful, respectful and follow the advice of our health experts. Wear a mask, maintain your social distance, wash your hands, and if you’re sick, stay home.

Let’s remember, we have reached this stage because we have followed the advice and recommendations of our health experts. And although Ontario has taken a regional approach to opening more businesses and services, as well as community, recreational and outdoor spaces, it’s important to note this is all done while emphasizing public health advice and personal responsibility. A reversal is always possible.

There is no room for complacency. We cannot and must not let down our guard.

Thank you for what you are doing to keep our communities safe!

Peter Ciardulli

Calia Hair Procedures COVID-19

Salon Smartz

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