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Peter Ciardulli On Pivoting & Maintaining Togetherness Through A Crisis

[222] There is always room for us to grow and strengthen the way we go about operating our businesses. Pivoting isn't an easy feat and sometimes implies reinventing the wheel. But often, it doesn't. Many times, it's just about finding solutions to meet customers where they are and make sure you give added value for the long-term. This week on the show, we welcome salon owner and business coach Peter Ciardulli (@p_eter_c_iardulli) to recount his story of pivoting during COVID-19 and discuss the importance he put on nurturing close connections with clients — especially after the second lockdown, which in his area, lasted seven-plus months. Links: Learn more about Salon Smartz & book a consultation call: Click here to subscribe to the weekly Phorest FM email newsletter: This episode was edited and mixed by Audio Z: Montreal's cutting-edge post-production studio for creative minds looking to have their vision professionally produced and mixed. Great music makes great moments. Leave a Rating & Review:  Read the transcript, or click here to learn more about Phorest Salon Software.

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